A go to speaker for corporate events, Theresa Payton has extensive experience in information technology, security on the internet and American politics. After receiving a Graduate degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Virginia in 1990, Payton embarked on a successful career in the corporate security world. This included a stint as the White House’s Chief Information Officer, becoming the first female to hold this title. Holding this title from 2006 to 2008, Payton’s main role was to oversee all IT operations for President Bush and his staff. After her stint at the White House, Payton founded Fortalice, LLC, which consults organizations of all sizes on security and fraud prevention and risks. Payton has also authored 2 books, collaborating with another IT expert and attorney, Ted Claypoole. The books, which are intended to help people keep their personal information safe online, are titled Privacy in The Age of Big Data and Protecting Your Identity.

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