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We’re a full-service event management firm specializing in celebrity appearances and customized event experiences.

We all dream of having that personal interaction with our childhood favourite celebrity, or a current sports star who is seemingly impossible to meet. Through our connections, Jackson Events is able to get you the person you and your guests desire for your event.

Working in partnership with you and your organization, Jackson Events leverages longstanding celebrity relationships with solid connections to the industry’s top service providers to offer “once in a lifetime” events that will set you apart from your competitors.

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Meet Our Team

The MVPs Behind Jackson Events

Andrew Jackson Headshot

Andrew Jackson

Founder / CEO

My role:

Chief Bottle Washer and Ideas

when I'm not at work I'm:

Spending time with my wife and two daughters… or sneaking away to play golf.
Bob Clarke Headshot

Bob Clarke

General Manager

My role:

On Wednesdays it’s recycling, on every other day it’s to lead the best event management team in the industry!

when I'm not at work I'm:

At a volleyball tournament with one of my daughters or relaxing with family and friends.
Jeff Surphlis Headshot

Jeff Ellett

Event Coordinator

My role:

Handling on-site execution of events and coordinating celebrity requirements.

when I'm not at work I'm:

Spending time with family and friends, and of course, golfing.
Kennedy Holmes Headshot

Kennedy Holmes

Event & Office Operations

My role:

Managing the day to day goings on at the office, from accounting to onsite event execution and everything in between!

when I'm not at work I'm:

Reading or sneaking over to my parents’ house to hang out with the family dog.
Nikkita Young Headshot

Nikkita Young

Event Operations

My role:

To manage all office administrative items, celebrity and client relationships, help develop event portfolios, and maintain a consistent inter-office event schedule with occasional on-site event execution.

when I'm not at work I'm:

At the cottage, on a patio with friends / family, or Netflix marathons.
Scott Sternberg Headshot

Scott Sternberg

Business Development

My role:

Work with high-value clients and identify specific opportunities that will allow them to deliver priceless experiences for their customers and staff.

when I'm not at work I'm:

Planning my travel itinerary for exploring the world with my wife.
Ken Whitmell Headshot

Ken Whitmell

Memorabilia Director

My role:

Memorabilia Director.

when I'm not at work I'm:

Researching the sports memorabilia market and working on ideas to use the next time I’m at work or playing tennis with my daughter wondering why she beats me now.
Chris Swift Headshot

Chris Swift

Business Development

My role:

I am responsible for client and business development.

when I'm not at work I'm:

I like to spend time at home with family and friends and when the weather permits. I like to be outside skateboarding or paddle boarding.
Lucy Jackson Headshot

Lucy Jackson

Event Support

My role:

My role is to support on site management and execution and do whatever Jeff tells me to do.

when I'm not at work I'm:

When you live with the boss, you’re always at work!